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About Bob Paroski

Bob Paroski has one overriding purpose in business.  That is to help his clients make the sales and profits they are capable of.

He does this by crafting a unique sales message for their prospects and clients.  A message that connects at a deep level with their desires.  It helps them realize that the product or service offered is the right one for them.

When doing the research for the sales message Bob uses his interviewing skills with prospects and clients to discover what their concerns and fears are.  He also finds out what they like and dislike about the product and service.

In his study of the product or service he gathers all of the information about the product or service that he can. He not only uncovers its strengths but also its weaknesses.

He uses all of the information he gathers from his interviews and his research to craft the unique message for the product or service his client offers.  The right message for the product or service that will help Bob’s client generate the sales and profits they desire.

In addition to great writing skills Bob has expertise in two areas which help him with his work.  He is an excellent interviewer and researcher.

Bob has been honing his interviewing skills for many years.  He has a knack of making people feel comfortable with him very quickly so that they will open up to him.  Once they realize they can trust him and open up, Bob goes deep with them to learn their frustrations and concerns.  When talking about a product or service, they will tell Bob what they truly like and dislike about it – not what they think he wants to hear.

Bob is also very thorough in the research he does.  He will find out everything he can about what he is studying.  He digs very deeply.  Even the smallest item that most people normally overlook does not escape his attention.

How did Bob get to this point?

He has a Bachelor’s degree in English.

He also has worked in several different industries which have added immensely to his experience.

He has worked in the insurance industry where he had the opportunity to interact with many different people at many different locations.  This was where he started to hone his interviewing and research skills.  One major part of his job was to get people at other companies to accept what he was telling them.

He also has worked as a coach.  He helped sales people achieve the sales and income goals they desired.

He also has worked as a loan officer in the mortgage industry.  His main focus here was to help his clients lower the interest rates on their mortgages.

For many years Bob has been studying Psychology and Human Behavior.  He has read many books and attended many seminars on this.  Along the way he has focused more on persuasion skills and learning as much about how to persuade others as he could.

Over the years Bob has also become a skilled marketer.  He has studied this area and for years has focused on marketing himself and his business.

If you are interested in finding out more and seeing if Bob is available to craft the sales message to help you and your company make the sales and profits you are capable of, then click this link.

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