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A Company You Need to Know

Normally at this time of the year, it seems stores and companies don’t care about the service they provide customers.  The greater emphasis is placed on the sales they have going on for the year end Holidays.  An unbelievable amount of time is spent on sales starting with Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Simple Truths – Exceptional Service

When I find a store or company that still focuses on me as a customer, I make a note of the service I receive from them.  When I regard their service as exceptional, I let others know about it.

I just experienced fantastic customer service from a company and I wanted to let you know about it.  The company is Simple Truths.  They sell motivational books and plaques over the Internet.

I ordered some books and plaques from them on Cyber Friday. I figured that with all of the orders they received on that day, they would be backlogged.  It would take them awhile to fill them.

Well, I was surprised.  The next work day, Cyber Monday, I got an email from them indicating my order had been shipped.  It came Federal Express and arrived on Wednesday.

Cindy’s Card – An Added Touch

When I opened it, I was pleasantly surprised.  They included an extra book as a gift which I did not anticipate.  In addition there was a card in the box from Cindy.  It had her picture on it and a note saying it was her pleasure to pack my order.  The picture on the card was a nice touch.  It made me feel connected to Cindy.

There was also a letter signed by Mac Anderson, the founder of Simple Truths, thanking me for my order.  Included was a coupon for $25 my next order.

All of these made me feel valued by Simple Truths and that the company really appreciated my business.

Anytime I want to purchase another motivational book or plaque you can be sure they will get my business.

Let me give you their web address.  It is www.simpletruths.com.   Check them out.  Expect to get the same great service I did.

Happy Holidays,

Bob Paroski

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