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A World of Difference Between Chicago and Tennessee

My wife and I vacationed in Tennessee last week.  We have been there several times before.  This time we became aware of something we had not realized before.

It’s amazing how much different life in Tennessee is than it is where we live in the western suburbs of Chicago.

Life is Hectic Here in Chicago

Right now we are always on the go.  Our plates are always full.  We always have something to do.  Before we finish one project, another has been added.

There is never any time for us to sit back, relax and enjoy ourselves.

It is worse for younger families with children.  My wife commented how the kids in school always are competing with one another.  They are competing academically and in sports.  Just about every day of the year it seems their parents are driving them to this event or that.

Traffic is a bear.  To drive 10 miles in rush hour frequently will take 40 to 50 minutes.  During the summer it seems road construction is everywhere.  That just adds to travel time.

A More Relaxed Pace of Life in Tennessee

We spent the majority of last week about 35 miles northwest of Knoxville.  The area was primarily rural.  There were several small towns with populations under 1,000.

Traffic there and in Knoxville was never a problem.  In 30 minutes even at the height of rush hour it seemed we could drive 15 to 20 miles.  No traffic jams – no creeping along.

Also – the pace of life is definitely slower in Tennessee.  People take their time.  They are not in a rush to go anywhere or do anything.  They seem to be calmer, more at peace and more relaxed.

What a welcome change for us.  My wife and I came back totally relaxed and refreshed.  We’ve been home 6 days now. You know what.

The Stress is Starting to Mount Again

Sure wish we could have bottled some of that calm, relaxed peacefulness we found in Tennessee and just pour it over us any time the stress becomes unbearable.

Much Success,

Bob Paroski

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