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One person who inspires me is Les Brown, the motivational speaker.  I had the opportunity to see Les in person on several different occasions while I lived in the Detroit area.  His gusto for life has always amazed me.

Recently I saw the title of one of Les’ speeches on the Internet.  It was Live Full Die Empty.  Let me repeat that

Live Full Die Empty

It got my attention immediately.  It reminded me of an underlying theme for my life that I have gotten away from in the last few years.

Many years ago on my first job out of college, I had the opportunity to work with a man by the name of Cliff Baynon.  He was my assistant supervisor.  In a conversation one day Cliff told me to remember that work and life were games.  Don’t look at them as work.  Look at them as games you play.  Life will be much fuller and better.

I always remembered that.  In my own mind

If Life and Work Were Games,

They Were to be Fun 

To get the most out of them, I had to live them to the fullest.   To do that I had to live life holding on to the seat of my pants.

Whenever possible I tried to do that.  The only problem was there was no manual or workbook showing me what to do.  I made many mistakes along the way.  I have paid dearly for these.

My mistakes caused me to pull back and to live more cautiously.  During the last few years, I realize how sedate I actually had become.  I was afraid to be adventurous because I was afraid of the mistakes I might make and the repercussions I’d have them. 

Only recently have I realized what gifts and talents I was born with.  I also have realized where my true passion is.  I have seen how my gifts and talents align with my true passion.  To enjoy life to the fullest and to have the most fun I have to use my gifts and talents doing something I am truly passionate about.

Now I am anxious again to get back on with this ride I call my life. 

Each day I want to live my life to the fullest.   Yes, sometimes I slip and don’t follow through on this.  However, I don’t let that deter me.

My goal is to

Live Life Holding on to

The Seat of My Pants

What about you?  Are you having the time of your life to the fullest?  Or are you just laid back and cautious about what you do?  Do you know what your gifts and talents are?  Do you know what your passion is?

If you are living life fully, I applaud you for that.

Take A Chance

Live Your Life to the Fullest

If you haven’t experienced what it is like to live the most exciting life possible, I ask you to take a chance today.  Do what you really wanted but were afraid to.  Do something you are truly passionate about.   Remember what Cliff Baynon told me.  Life and work are games.  They are designed to be fun and rewarding.

Much Success,

Bob Paroski

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