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I have to tell you.  I was shocked.

While reading the headlines on msn.com the other day, I saw a reference to an article which the Center for Public Integrity published on March 19.  The title of the article is

“Grading the nation: How

accountable is your state?”

The article ranks each state for how ethical their state government is and how much corruption there is in it.

I live in Illinois.

On March 15 our past governor, Rod Blagojevich, started to serve time in a prison in Colorado.  His sentence is 14 years.  George Ryan, our governor before him, is in a prison in Ohio serving a prison sentence of 6 1/2 years.

Every time we turn around we hear how corrupt our state is.  Republicans point their fingers at democrats.  Democrats point their fingers at republicans.

Needless to say – I have a jaded view of our elected officials here in Illinois.  I expected Illinois’ state government to be ranked the most corrupt in the nation.  Guess what.  I was wrong.  Illinois was ranked #10.  Not the 10th most corrupt state but the 10th least corrupt state.

I Nearly Fell Out of My Chair

Not only isn’t our state government the worst, 40 state governments are considered less ethical and more corrupt than ours.

That is shocking.  We americans take pride in how great our country is.  Yet our state governments are highly unethical and very corrupt.  What a black mark against us!

Why Does Politics Turn Seemingly Good Men Into Unethical and Corrupt Office Holders?

On a regular basis I hear politicians running for state or national office for the first time promise to correct the corruption at the state capitol or in Washington.  When he ran for governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevich campaigned on how he was going to reform Illinois’ state capital.  A few short years later far too many are convicted of taking bribes or other illegal activities.

Do they just become greedy for power and money?

Can we do anything to prevent this from happening?  If there is, we haven’t found how to do it yet.  Over the years the unethical activities and the amount of corruption seems to have increased.

It Would be a Welcome Surprise . . .

. . . to find a politician who is highly ethical and honest when they take office and remains so the entire time they remain in office. I am sure that person would be our hero.  I know they would regularly get my vote.

Bob Paroski

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