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An Alarming Realization

I am alarmed.  This is . . .

A Problem Far Bigger Than I Ever Imagined

3 young men I know are involved with drugs.  These men do not know each other and have never met.  All 3 are nice clean cut men.  Unless you were aware you’d say that each had their head on straight.

The first is 22 years old.  Right now he is using heroin.  His family became aware he was using almost 2 years ago.  His parents and relatives started to find needles around the house.  He has denied that he is using heroin.  However, he has been in 2 different drug treatment programs for about 2 weeks each time.  Rather than improving his problem has gotten worse.

The second is almost 19.  Last fall he lost a lot of weight.  He also was sniffling all of the time.  In early December he revealed that he was using cocaine recreationally. He has not gotten help for his problem.

The third is 15.  Marijuana was found in his room.  He also admitted he tried cocaine.

All 3 of these young men come from good families.  They live in suburban communities not the inner city.  That’s where the problem comes up.  Apparently the drug problem is far greater in local suburban areas than most adults, including me,  ever realized.

The sad thing for these 3 young men is they are messing their lives up. All are focused on today and having fun right here right now.  None is focused on what will happen to them in the future.  None of the 3 seems to have any long range plans.

If this is happening to 3 whom I know personally,

  • How many others are using drugs that I am unaware of?
  • What percentage of young men and young women are using drugs?
  • How many are beyond the experimentation stage?
  • How much worse will their drug use get in the coming years?
  • How many will ruin their lives in the process?
  • How many may have shorter lives because of it?
  • What will be the impact on their loved ones?

We Have Lost The War on Drugs

For years we have been waging a war on drugs.  However, it’s not working.  How do we get this drug problem under control?  What can we do to save our children?

I feel sorry for you If you’re a parent.  You really have your hands full.  How do you make sure that your children don’t get involved with drugs during their teenage years?

I wish I had some suggestions to make  – suggestions on how you can deal with this problem.  Ways to resolve this once and for all.  However, I don’t have any.  Just know that I empathize with you.

Bob Paroski

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