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My wife and I were camping in the Pennsylvania Wilds last week.  This is an area stretching from the middle to the western side of the state.  Somewhat remote.  Very spotty cell phone coverage.  No access to the Internet.  No TV and very little radio.

We were at Cook Forest State Park.  An absolutely beautiful area.  There were mountains and trees.  Hiking Trails were numerous.  The Clarion River was nearby.

What a Fantastic Trip

I had one of my best vacations ever.  I got that mountain fix which I need on a regular basis.  We saw whitetail deer and turkeys and 3 raccoons.

We hiked on trails through the forests.  These  were magnificent.  We also canoed on the Clarion River.  That was both relaxing and fun.

Most of the time we just relaxed.  Felt no pressure to do anything.  We just did what we wanted when we wanted.

As the week went by, I found not only did I not miss having access to my regular world I really enjoyed it.  It was pure pleasure not getting on the internet and checking emails .  With the spotty cell phone coverage there were few calls and text messages.  That was a welcome relief.

The greatest was not having access to the news.  See people accuse me of being a news junkie.  Yet I didn’t go thru withdrawal when I couldn’t see the news on TV or hear the news on radio.  Actually it was great.

Stress Replaced by Peace and Happiness

I started to unwind shortly after we got there.  Any stress I had evaporated quickly.  By the end of our stay I was totally adjusted to a slower pace of life.  I could really enjoy living like this.

Many people new to the Chicago metropolitan area have commented how the pace of life is so hectic.  I guess that after being here for 18 years I just accepted it.  I also never realized the amount of stress I was experiencing from this hectic pace.

True – all of the conveniences I have at home were not present on our camping trip last week.  However, I never really missed them.  The level of peace and happiness I was experiencing more than compensated for what I did not have.  In many ways I resented having to come back to my regular world.

Back home now I have readjusted to my normal routine  but I have to say it was very reluctantly.  All week I have been thinking back and longing for the peace and happiness I had last week.

Escape to Your Special Place That

Will Bring You Peace and Happiness

You May Have Never Experienced


You may not enjoy mountains and wilderness areas, camping and hiking.  However, I do know that there is a special place you can escape to.

  • One away from the internet and email messages.
  • One where there are no cell phone interruptions or where you can turn off your cell phone without feeling guilty.
  • One away from both the local and national news.

I urge you.  Get away to your special place as frequently as you can.  Experience the peace and happiness that you were meant to.

Life is too short.  Live it to the fullest.

Much Success,

Bob Paroski

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