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How long does it take to become so skilled at a job, hobby or any other particular area that you are considered to be a Master – an expert?  According to Michael Masterson who is well known in the copywriting field, it takes about

1,000 hours

If you started today and spent 20 hours a week on it, it would take you 50 weeks before you mastered your job or hobby.  Those 1,000 hours are if  you are learning on your own while on the job or working on what you want to master.

Can the time be shortened?  Yes, there are several ways that it can be.

The first is by reading as much as you can on the subject.  That will shorten the time significantly.

The second is by working under the guidance and supervision of someone who is already a master or expert.  They can show you how to continually improve what you do so that you become more adept at what you are doing.

If you truly love and are passionate about something then it is worthwhile for you to do what is necessary to become a Master at it.  You will put yourself in a position where everyone will look up to you because so few people will have reached that level.  Most are not willing to devote the time and energy to achieve Mastery.

How Are You Rewarded by

Becoming a Master?

If it is your job, your income will be higher than what you it would be had you not become so skilled.  You will also be complimented by your associates, friends and family.  If it is a hobby, there will be recognition for you.  However, neither the higher income nor the compliments of others nor the recognition will match the personal gratification you will experience from becoming a Master in your field.

Start Today

Decide that you will become a Master in a certain area of your life, an area you are truly passionate about.  Follow through on this until you know that you have truly mastered it.

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