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Think about when you learned anything new.

When did you learn the most about it?  Was it when you knew absolutely nothing about it?  Or – was it when you had some knowledge of it and you were just adding to it?

If you think about it deeply, I am sure you will agree.  You learned the most about a subject when you had absolutely no knowledge of it beforehand.  The reason is simple.  You had no preconceived notions of what you were learning.  Your mind was more open to learning about it.

When you had some knowledge of the subject and were just adding to it, you already had some preconceptions.  These were there.  They may or may not have been correct but they were still in your memory.  The new knowledge that you were getting was being distorted by the preconceptions you already had.

The Starting Point – Beginner’s Mind

Anytime you are learning more about a subject either at a seminar or lecture, in a book or article or over the Internet it’s best to start at the beginning – to have a Beginner’s Mind.

That simply means prior to the event you decide to put everything you already know about the subject beside.  You are going to listen and understand what is being taught as if you knew nothing at all about it.  That is – as if you never read or heard anything about the subject before.

The Benefit to You

Starting with a Beginner’s Mind enables you to learn far more about the subject than you ever knew before.  You may learn things that you had never thought of before or were receptive to before.  You may find some of what you had read or heard before to be untrue.

As we age our preconceived ideas become more deeply entrenched.  It’s far more difficult to change our opinion.  That is until we resolve on a regular basis to look at each and everything with a Beginner’s Mind.  In the process our knowledge grows.  We become wiser individuals.

Try it today.  Have a Beginner’s Mind when you are learning anything new or are being exposed to a new idea.  Let me know the results.

Much Success in your efforts,

Bob Paroski

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